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Twilight Stats by Arthur9078 Twilight Stats by Arthur9078
Hey Heir-of-Rick, if you'll ever continue this "Fighting is Magic" stats series for the rest of the mane 6 (and others), I wanna see you beat this drawing. I dare you. If you're confused, check out 1)… 2)… and 3)… to know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, welcome to my project I've been working on since...MARCH 9TH?! That's over 2 months of drawing/delaying! Has it really been that long?! Umm...Yeah, oh well, here it is - "The Dfective Dvice Collection". This is a collection of 11 different drawings sketched by DfectiveDvice and vectored/colored by...ME! Originally, I planned on releasing each drawing once a day for 11 days, but recently, the progress on getting those drawings done for a full release went on for too long and I suddenly started losing motivation on finishing them for a few weeks, because of school, general sadness and...lack of self-confidence. So for now, this drawing is the only one I'll be releasing here and the rest will come later, in Valve time :/

Dfective Dvice Collection (1/11)

Originally, I intended on making this vector as a stand alone vector with the usual, fancy background. But then I suddenly thought about Heir of Rick's drawings relating to Fighting is Magic with stats while working on this drawing, I gave a close look on the sketch and then I thought "You know what, this might actually work.", stats happened and here it is. Wow...I have to admit, that was pretty a good call, because this drawing looks even more awesome!

Link to the original sketch:…
Originally drawn by DfectiveDvice (duh.)

Tumblr link:…

P.S.: I have tried out Fighting is Magic before,'s just say I'm not a fan of fighting games and I lost interest pretty quickly, when I gave it a shot.
Heir-of-Rick Featured By Owner May 20, 2015
:iconpinkamina-diane-pie: Challenge accepted.
DoughnutJoe Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
way OP Hasbro plz nerf. :)
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